Friday, May 21, 2010

Call me Charlton Heston

From the introspective to the retrospective, the literary to the literal, this has become a hot spot for facts, fiction, and truths about the universe. Yes, that opener sounds like it was written by a burned out Vegas sniffing two tubes of glue at once. Hmm, where to go from there..? I could, of course, slip off on a tangent about this forum's chosen medium--the internet. It might even be somewhat timely and relevant to topics already discussed here, such as communication, angst, and boobs. But no. This would be disrespecting the altar that has been bestowed upon me and the honor that accompanies it.

Instead, I'm going to pretend for a paragraph or two that I am Charlton Heston. I'm not quite sure why, but sometimes, these things happen and you can't stand in the way of fate. Fortunately, this will have nothing to do with what I post here. Not that I know what I'm posting here. Not that any of this is making any sense whatsoever. Probably it'll all get cut by the Blog Queen herself, anyway. Fear not, I have no problem with being edited. It's been a long day, for many reasons, and many of my brain's higher functions were given the boot during the last Ming Dynasty (side note: this was a really, really, really long time ago).

Now that we've established that I'm neither stable nor fit to be doing anything resembling a guest blog entry, it's probably getting around time for me to sign off. I realize I've provided neither substantial content nor probably much entertainment. But to be fair, the landlady in these parts has actually been keeping up with her blog fairly well, and so I feel somewhat superfluous, anyway. Perhaps I shall be tacked on as a post script. That would be, um, fitting.

I think that'd better be all, and trust me, I'm only saying this with all of Sepi's readers' health and well-being in mind. Perhaps, given the opportunity to do this again sometime, I'll be more coherent, but I wouldn't count on it.

Wow, Charlton Heston...what was I thinking?